Hengbang Auxiliaries builds four platforms to help enterprises in safe production

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In order to implement the main responsibility of the company's production safety, Hengbang Auxiliary takes the improvement of the company's independent safety management as the starting point, actively builds four platforms, strengthens the company's awareness of production safety, and effectively improves the level of safety production management.
One is to build a platform for mutual learning and communication. Establish an enterprise "mutual assistance management" model, organize workshop departments to advanced workshops and departments to observe and learn; at the same time, establish an enterprise safety production management exchange platform, establish an enterprise WeChat group, hold corporate exchange seminars from time to time, share safety management information, and discuss encounters Share experience and seek common countermeasures.
The second is to build a service guidance platform. Actively conduct service visits to the heavy workshops, strengthen the service guidance of the workshops, help the workshops find hidden dangers, solve problems, implement rectification measures, and effectively solve the key and difficult problems of the workshop in the safety production management.
The third is to build a platform for the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers. Implement the hidden danger investigation mechanism of first company self-inspection and later workshop inspection, pay attention to the implementation of the company’s responsibilities for investigation, realize the “advance of the gates” of the investigation, and improve the company’s independent management of safety; conduct joint inspections regularly, increase inspection efforts, and effectively improve inspections Efficiency, and actively improve the long-term mechanism for the investigation and management of hidden dangers.
The fourth is to build a safety education platform. Promote production safety through multiple channels, and actively carry out safety production lectures entering the factory area; through holding knowledge contests, distributing publicity materials, and sending targeted warning messages, further promote safety production publicity and education, and continue to expand the scope of publicity and education for production safety in the society. Create a safety culture atmosphere and improve the people's awareness and skills of safe production.