Hengbang Auxiliary Launches "Fire Safety Publicity Month"

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November is the National Fire Protection Publicity Month. In order to further improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, improve the company's fire safety level, effectively curb fire accidents, and ensure the safe and smooth winter production and operation activities, Hengbang Auxiliary Company has launched a series of activities.
The content of this activity mainly includes: First, each workshop uses internal LED, radio, billboards and other propaganda media to carry out fire safety prompt propaganda to popularize fire safety knowledge; second, invite firefighting professionals to inform fire safety management personnel at all levels and personnel in key positions Conduct fire-fighting knowledge training; third, formulate targeted fire emergency response plans, and actively organize drills to inspect the construction of the unit's voluntary fire brigade through drills, and inspect the emergency response capabilities of personnel at all levels such as teams, workshops, and departments; It is to organize relevant personnel in relevant workshops and departments to carry out the storage, use, and ventilation of key parts of the company’s internal fire safety, high-power electrical equipment, wiring, material transportation, oxygen cylinders, other volatile, flammable and explosive hazardous materials, and oil products. Special inspection; the fifth is to maintain the fire-fighting facilities of the unit, focusing on the inspection of indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, to prevent the fire-fighting facilities from freezing and cracking, and to ensure the fire safety of the unit.
It is reported that during the activity month, the auxiliary company dispatching room, the safety and environmental protection department, etc. will inspect the work development of each unit, and issue a “notice of rectification order within a time limit” for the fire safety problems found in the inspection to implement the rectification. All types of fire protection violations and violations shall be strictly assessed.