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This is Tibet, 1.2 million square kilometers, the Potala Palace, Thangka, Tibetan Opera, and Bayeux Sutras, let people remember the call of the ancients and leave a thousand years of hope. Mount Everest, Nam Co Lake, and the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon, here are natural photo studios with their own filters. Climbing the Tanggula Pass at an altitude of 5,000 meters, the magical sky will take you to a magical pure land.
Here, there is such a person who, for the needs of the company and the needs of customers, has set foot on the snow-covered plateau without hesitation in the case of a severe cold, and is running on the front line of production. Altitude sickness has a particularly great impact on him, causing him headaches, nausea, and breathing difficulties. Since stepping on the plateau, he has been carrying oxygen cylinders. During the night, colleagues worried that he would not be able to sleep and would wake him up from time to time. Even so, it was because of the customer's erection. The thumbs up and the benefits to the company, he said "worth it".
  This is Qinghai, with an average elevation of 4,058 meters. The weather here is dry and the air is thin. After a long time, my throat was swollen and painful, and my nose seemed to be breathing fire. Here, this person is the same person. In order to allow customers to adopt our products, he entered Qinghai several times and faced challenges from competitors such as pharmaceutical companies and mining research institutes in the same industry. He stayed awake for 72 hours and leaned on the concentrator. , Observing the data closely and adjusting the process, the company's beneficiation recovery rate and other indicators are stable, successfully defeating the opponent. With his dedicated attitude and excellent technology, he won the admiration of his opponents. The customer finally chose Hengbang additives and signed a long-term supply contract. After returning, he fell ill due to the harsh environment and overloaded work, but seeing the smiles of customers' satisfaction and the company's growing strength, he said "worth it".
This is Ecuador, a paradise for street artists. Similarly, the current situation here is turbulent, and demonstrations and strikes imply crises. Even when the local security situation was tense and turbulent, it was this person who embarked on the journey without hesitation for the needs of customers, winning the trust of customers with excellent technology and excellent qualities, and winning the order for the company. When he returned to the company, he only said softly, "It's okay, I'm finally back." This sentence is full of dangers and sadness behind it. Just because he got the customer's affirmation and order, he said "worth it". There are many examples like this in him.
This person is Lu Xinzhou, director of Hengbang Auxiliary Laboratory, and Hengbang craftsman.
He used his "dedication" to fulfill the responsibility of a Communist Party member, and with his excellent technology, through on-site debugging, he increased the recovery rate of beneficiation, saved more than 20 million yuan for customers, and created more than 5 million yuan for the company. He uses his "easiness to learn" to realize the self-worth of an ordinary employee. On the journey of life, he leaped one peak after another; he used his "teach others" to sow knowledge, spread power, and set a model for enterprise talents. Taking dedication as the bottom line of work, taking studious as a part of work, practicing the original intention of the Communists, and courageously shouldering the important task of enterprise development, demonstrates the responsibility of Hengbang people in the new era.