Five measures of Hengbang additives to ensure the solid development of the "four preventions in winter" work

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In order to do a good job in the company's "anti-skid, anti-freezing, fire-proof, and anti-poisoning" work and ensure safe production in winter, Hengbang Auxiliary Company has recently issued a winter four-proof document, combined with the company's actual situation, through publicity, rigorous investigation, and strengthening Measures, improvement of mechanisms, and implementation of measures to ensure the solid development of winter work.
One is the promotion. In response to the "four preventions" work in winter, the auxiliary company makes full use of the signboards, WeChat groups, LEDs and other carriers to vigorously promote the knowledge of the "four preventions", and improve the awareness and ability of the majority of employees in accident prevention and emergency response.
The second is a close investigation. Organize personnel to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, focusing on inspections of key installations in the tank farm and various workshops, and detailed various work measures to ensure safe production in winter to each link, position and personnel, and truly ensure that the responsibilities and measures are in place. The personnel are in place and the rectification is in place to ensure the safe and stable operation of winter production.
The third is strengthening measures. Establish and complete a series of safety management systems such as fire prevention, anti-poisoning, anti-skid, and fire prevention, and provide fire alarm systems, fire-extinguishing facilities, safety exits, fire-fighting passages and other safe fire-fighting facilities in accordance with regulations in the workplace; A number of qualified fire extinguishers, fire-fighting sand and other fire-fighting equipment. In view of the sudden and destructive characteristics of strong wind and snow in winter, various preventive measures have been implemented in advance to ensure production safety.
Fourth is to improve the mechanism. Timely grasp early warning and forecast information, and prevent accidents and disasters caused by natural disasters in advance. Each workshop has set up a "four-defense" emergency rescue team, equipped with sufficient emergency rescue materials, formulated emergency rescue plans and conducted drills to ensure that they can quickly rescue when a dangerous situation occurs.
Five is put in place. The winter "four preventions" work plan is scheduled, and each work in the plan is strictly in accordance with the "four decisions" principles and responsibilities, measures, funds, deadlines, and emergency plans of fixed time, fixed personnel, fixed quality, and fixed inspection and acceptance personnel. Implementation of the principle of "five implementation".