Yantai Humon Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. successfully passed the construction acceptance evaluation of "dual prevention system"

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Recently, the auxiliary company has carried out the acceptance and evaluation of the construction of the safety risk grading control and hidden danger inspection and treatment system. During the on-site review, the review experts listened to the introduction of the construction of the dual prevention system by the relevant staff of the safety department of Humon Additives, and comprehensively reviewed the basic management materials such as the preparation and operation of the hierarchical management and control of the enterprise's safety production risk and the troubleshooting and management system documents of accident hidden dangers, and the list of risks and hidden dangers. Humon Additives successfully passed the acceptance evaluation after comprehensive evaluation.

This review has improved the safety management level and accident risk control ability of Humon Additives. In the future safety management work, Humon Additives will make continuous improvement efforts to make safety production work to a new level.