Humon additives take multiple measures to ensure safe production during the National Day

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During the National Day, leaders at all levels of the Auxiliary Company attached great importance to safety production and carried out company-level safety inspection activities before the festival. Due to the unity of ideas, effective measures and solid work, the company's safe production situation during the National Day period has been continuously stable.

First, strengthen leadership and make careful arrangements. During the "National Day" period, the general manager of the auxiliary company inspected the operation of key links and equipment in various production workshops on the spot, and required all departments to strictly implement the main responsibilities, rely on the construction of the dual prevention system of risk grading control and hidden danger inspection and treatment, carefully carry out the self-inspection and self-correction of hidden dangers, immediately rectify the problems found, strengthen the training and education of employees, and further strengthen the emergency duty work during the festival, Strictly implement the leadership system, strengthen on-site safety management, prevent slack and paralysis, and effectively prevent and contain production safety accidents.

Second, highlight the key points and conduct in-depth inspection. During the festival, the workshops and relevant departments of the auxiliary company combined with the actual situation, highlighted the key points, and carried out targeted safety self-inspection and safety hazard treatment. In particular, in-depth and detailed safety inspection was carried out in key areas such as key parts of key devices. During the festival, more than 10 hidden dangers were found by the workshops themselves and have been rectified.

Third, strengthen the duty and grasp the dynamics. During the festival, all departments at all levels of the auxiliary company strictly implement the on-duty leadership system and the special safety production report system, report the safety production situation of the day to the deputy general manager in charge of safety every day, and report the accident immediately to ensure that the safety production status is mastered at any time.