Complex polyacrylamide

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Ingredients: A mixture of all kinds of polyacrylamide
Trademark HBA-1 HBA-2 HBA-3 HBA-4 HBA-5 HBA-6 HBA-7 HBA-8
Exterior White particles
Uses: control plugging agent: After oilfield test, this new profile plugging agent performance to be higher than other single ionic character profile plugging agent.
Water treatment agent: complex polyacrylamide to reduce the performance of the surface tension is much greater than the capacity of the cation or anion under the same conditions exist alone, is to reduce the surface tension of the requirements, we need to use the anionic polyacrylamide and cationic polyacrylamide Water amide, and I research and development complex polyacrylamide nature of the situation is more complicated or frequently changing, very good.
Sludge dewatering: the nature of urban sewage for more and more complex, through a variety of sludge dewatering repeated tests, the effect of mixed application of polyacrylamide are better than single ion characteristics of a dehydrating agent.
Papermaking: with enhanced, retention, filtration and other functions, can effectively improve the strength of the paper, smoothness.
Packaging: Paper package bag, net weight 25kg / bag. Storage: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse.

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Collector | Foaming Agent | Regulator | Non-Metallic Flotation

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