Varieties project Synthetics dry goods
        A B
        Ethyl xanthate (potassium)%, ≥  90.0 83.5(78.0)  82.0(76.0)
        The free base%, ≤ 0.2 0.5 0.5
        Water and volatile matter%, ≤ 4.0 ---- ---
        Dry capsules of% (- 2m), ≤ 10 --- ---
        Exterior Pale yellow to yellow-green powder or granules
        Purposes: for non-ferrous metal collector buoyant complex sulphide ores and sulphide ore flotation, in xanthate products in the best selectivity, and vulcanizing agents equipped with suitable flotation of copper, lead oxide ore.
        Package: drum, net weight 120kg / barrel; wooden boxes, net weight 850kg / box; bags, net weight 50kg / bag.
        Storage: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse.
        Note: can be based on user needs technical indicators and packaging specifications.

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