• Name: HBB-1 activity Slurry collector
        • Num: 99
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        Project Index
        Exterior Brown liquid
        Odor Gasoline odor
        The amount of dry slime,kg/t 0.2-0.8(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Clean Coal Yield % 75-85(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Coal Ash % 6-10(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Last Coal Ash % 50-85(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Proportiond420 0.8200-0.8400
        Flash point (open)℃,≥ 68
        Ignition point℃,≥ 90
        Mechanical impurities %,≤ 0.035
        Uses: by specially processed composite surface of the non-polar hydrocarbon oil with environmentally friendly agents under certain conditions reaction activation is made, high flash point, high-lighted, low pour point, and easy to store management; excellent selectivity and strong collector of flotation speed, with less security, environmental protection, almost no residue in the water; especially for hard coal preparation, coal has excellent coarse particle flotation and floating the election is better than diesel; its cooperation with HBF-1 slime flotation flotation agent will achieve the best results, it is the traditional collector slime best replacement products.
        Packaging: plastic bucket, net weight 190kg / barrel; or tanker ship.
        Storage: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse.

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