Project Index
        Exterior Milky white liquid
        Odor Aromatic alcohol odor
        The amount of dry slime,kg/t 0.3-0.8(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Clean Coal Yield% 58-85(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Coal ash% 7-10(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Last coal ash%, ≥ 55-85(Corresponding to different kinds of coal)
        Proportiond420 0.9300-0.9425
        Flash point (open)℃,≥ 80
        Ignition point℃,≥ 82
        Solidifying point ℃,≤ -38
        Uses: by a non-polar hydrocarbon oil rigorous cutting after (the use of security equivalent to diesel), composite surfactant (food grade) and surface additives (including some ethanol) under certain conditions activated, purification, emulsification made, high flash point, high flash point, low pour point, and easy to store management; in Shandong, Shanxi, Heilongjiang coal washing company's industrial experiments and actual production use, its excellent selectivity and collector resistance, flotation speed, almost no residue in the water, and the production of each process indicators of stability, the process is easy to control; strong adaptability for various coal, especially for large changes or various coal quality coal quality coal when mixed into wash mud combined effect is better than diesel, for coarse coal flotation is better than diesel; with HBF-1 used in conjunction with slime flotation flotation will achieve the best results, is the traditional slime collector agent is the best replacement products. Packaging: plastic bucket, net weight 190kg / barrel; or tanker ship.
        Storage: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse.

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